State of Technology Integration for the State of the Union

While many things can be said about President Obama’s State of the Union message this week, I found it reassuring to hear throughout the message a return to the theme of the importance of creativity and innovation. Perhaps most innovative of all for this year’s speech in the Web 2.0 integration put forth by the staff.

I encourage you to visit the State of the Union: Winning the Future / Watch and Engage website. Here you can not only view the speech in HD, but you can also see accompany visual images and infographics in a PPT slide show format.

In addition to this, there are follow up discussions using a variety of social media outlets. For example, President Obama is scheduled to answer questions Today at 2:30 PM as part of a live YouTube interview from the White House. Also, all day today live round tables with policy experts are being hosted on the White House Facebook site at

For those of you who Follow President Obama on Twitter, already know that the salient points of the speech were tweeted as the speech was being delivered, and there was even the use of the hashtag #SOTU.

When I set out to write this post, I thought that I would do was to use Wordle ( to create a word cloud of the speech, but once I started digging deeper, I grew increasingly impressed with not only the importance of the message for gifted education, but even perhaps more interested in how technology was being employed in meaningful and interesting ways. With all of this in mind, how can we as teachers being incorporating these same tools into our teaching?


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