Five Inspiring Resources by Ian Byrd


Ian Byrd

Ian Byrd taught gifted students in Southern California. He now writes about gifted education at, produces videos for professional development at Byrdseed.TV, and travels to speak with teachers around the country.

Five Inspiring Resources

Sometimes it just takes a quick moment to inspire our gifted students to deeply explore a new topic. The web is rich with such information, imagery, and video clips. In fact, it can be too rich! Where to begin?

Here are five consistently great sources for inspiration. They’re perfect for finding exciting class openers, intriguing writing prompts, or simply ways to satisfy your own curiosity.

Be sure to preview anything before you share at school, not everything on these sites is necessarily appropriate for your students.

It’s Okay to Be Smart

It’s Okay To Be Smart is a blog written by Joe Hanson, Ph.D. He shares interesting science videos, images, and links.

Whether he’s sharing NASA simulations of black holes, some incredible shattering glass, or explaining how the planets are arranged on a plane, Joe reminds us of how inherently fascinating science is.

National Geographic Found

National Geographic Found is a Tumblr site that goes through the magazine’s incredible photo archive. Here are some samples:

Each image could serve as a writing prompt or the seed of a curiosity-based project.

Lego Collection

The Lego Collection shares incredibly impressive projects and show how far a person can take a simple resource like Lego.

What If?

What If? is written by Randall Munroe, a physicist and former NASA employee. He attempts to answer the wild “what if” questions that some of our gifted students are known for. Some highlights:

In Our Time

In Our Time is a weekly podcast from the BBC in which host Melvyn Bragg discusses a topic from science, history, art, religion, or philosophy with three experts on the subject. Bragg does an exceptional job of harnessing his guests’ expertise and translating it for the layman, all in about 40 minutes.

The archives are bursting with over 600 episodes, and include subjects such as:

Highly recommend for teachers looking to broaden their horizons.


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Dallas Price is a teacher in Anchorage, Alaska.
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