C&T Network Newsletter: NAGC Convention Special Addition! by Cindy Sheets & Kristina Ayers Paul

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Convention Special Edition!

Convention is just around the corner, and we wanted to share some of the highlights and special network events that you don’t want to miss!

There will be some great sessions all throughout the week, and we’re listing only the C & T sessions here to give you a headstart. You can plan ahead by using the Convention Planner online or the NAGC convention app that’s now available.

On Thursday, our network chair and chair elect will be presenting Expert Perspectives sessions. Cindy Sheets will be sharing “Creative Expression Through Media” – using technology to create and share in the classroom and beyond, and Kristina Ayers Paul will present “Technology to Enhance Content Delivery, Not Distract From It” which will focus on quality professional development techniques using technology. If you or your colleagues have not yet signed up for a session, there are still openings.

Our annual network meeting will be held on Friday, Nov. 14th in the afternoon in Hilton, Peale B, at 3:45 – 4:45. Brian Housand is heading up a new NAGC Technology Task Force and will be sharing the goals and objectives with us as well as seeking input from our members. We will also do some planning for the coming year. We hope you can attend.

Our special Friday evening network event is an old favorite with a new twist. The first hour will be our traditional Speed Geeking: sharing a wide range of fabulous tools in a short amount of time. The second hour will be a Playground format where you can sit down with a presenter or a small group and explore one or more tools in more depth and have not merely a list of great ideas but some experience using them. We are scheduled to be in CC 341-342 for better Internet access. There should be table rounds so that we can easily break into those small groups for further discussion.

Great sessions are coming your way! In an effort to list all of our wonderful sessions, there was not enough space to include some of the names if more than two presenters were listed. Please check on the NAGC website for additional descriptions of the sessions and any additional presenters. We have a great line-up!

For those of you who are not able to attend the convention this year, consider following us on Facebook and Twitter #NAGC2014 and #NAGCTechNet. We’ll try to pass along new ideas. After the convention, we’ll share the Speed Geeking resources with you in a post-conference blogpost and on our Facebook Page.

C & T Sessions

1:45 PM Creating an Online Community for Young Writers 


CC 336 Jill Olthouse
11/14/14 3:45 PM Computers & Technology Network Meeting Hilton, Peale B 
11/14/14 7:00 -9 PM Speed Geeking Tech Playground 


CC 336 Speed Geekers
11/14/14 9:30 AM Meeting the Common Core State Standards Through the T.W.I.N.E.(Technology and Writing Integration to Nurture Expression) Project


Key Ballroom 9 Kevin Besnoy
11/14/14 10:45 AM Blended Programming: Effectively Implementing Online Options forOne, for Some, and for All


Key Ballroom 2 Christopher Ongaro Eleni Siderias
11/14/14 10:45 AM Gifted Learners “Plugged In” for Online Instruction CC 330 Rachel B. Smethers-Winters Sharon Hall
11/14/14 10:45 AM Minecraft, Video Game Design, Rollercoaster Physics, and Robotics:Suggestions for Incorporating STEAM Into Your Gifted Services


Exhibit Hall, Poster Kimberly Clayton-Code
11/14/14 12:30 PM Flipping Out: A Guide to Enhancing Student Learning Through theFlipped Classroom Model


Holiday Ballroom 2 Christy Diehl
11/14/14 12:30 PM Let’s Create an Infographic 


CC 336 Shirley J. Farrell
11/14/14 12:30 PM Using Digital Photography to Enhance Student Creativity andSelf-Expression


CC 328 Del Siegle
11/14/14 1:45 PM Digital Authentic Assessment: Students Creating New Products toDemonstrate Mastery of the Curriculum


CC 345 Kati Searcy Libra D. Burton
11/14/14 1:45 PM The Inverted Classroom: Flipping Out: Be an Innovator of Education  Exhibit Hall, Roundtable Shayna D. Holmes LaRhonda C. Forsyth
11/14/14 1:45 PM The Power of Computer Coding for Elementary GT Students  Key Ballroom 9 Ann E. Durkin
11/14/14 3:45 PM Blogging to Raise the Self-Efficacy of Gifted Mathematics Learners  Key Ballroom 12 Laura Lowder Ann Benson. Crutchfield
11/14/14 3:45 PM Influential Icons/Gifted Minds: Combining a Wiki With StudentGoogle Accounts to Enhance Gifted Curriculum


Key Ballroom 3 April Keck. DeGennaro
11/14/14 3:45 PM The Big C: Curation in a Digital World 


CC 349 Lisa Van Gemert
11/15/14 12:30 PM Blended Learning: Extending the Classroom Learning to GlobalEducation


CC 343 Beth Blaetz Vinnie Vrotny
11/15/14 1:45 PM App-ily Engaged Gifted Learners: A Year of iPads Integrated inEveryday Learning


CC 343 Kimberly M. Berman
11/15/14 3:00 PM Engineering Serendipity: Leveraging Social Media and TechnologyResources to Develop Interests and Create Opportunities


CC 336 Brian Housand Angela Housand
11/15/14 3:00 PM Using LEGO Robots to Create Smileys 


Key Ballroom 9 Muhammad Ali Yousuf
11/15/14 8:00 AM Apptitude: The Ability to Identify Higher Level Thinking Apps andWeave Them Into Existing Gifted Programming


CC 343 Carol M. Greig
11/15/14 8:00 AM Blended Learning: Leveraging Technology to Differentiate forGifted Learners


CC 338 Laila Y. Sanguras April Walker
11/15/14 8:00 AM Engaged Learning Using Technology With High SchoolGifted Students


CC 331 Kathy Ray Kathy Jones
11/15/14 10:45 AM Wow! Who Knew What Edmodo Could Do? Creating a DiverseTech Culture to Foster Equity, Access, and College Readiness

(A True Story)


CC 343 James C. Garner Rachel Stokes
11/15/14 12:30 PM Geeking Out: How Tech-Savvy Youth Navigate the Web toDevelop Talent


Key Ballroom 3 Olha Skyba Eric Calvert
11/15/14 3:00 PM Iconic Prompts 2.0: Utilizing Google Apps and QR Codes  CC 349 Kathleen P. Miller Ali Ryan
11/15/14 3:00 PM Virtual Education and the Gifted Child 


Key Ballroom 1 Gintas Bradunas
11/16/14 8:00 AM The Geeks Have Inherited the Earth! 


Key Ballroom 2 Brian Housand
11/16/14 9:15 AM FutureCasting: Making Inroads to a Successful Future Key Ballroom 2 Angela Housand

Cindy Sheets, network chair

Kristina Ayers Paul, network chair elect

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